Keeping Mind Sharp – It is vitally important to pay attention to your mental faculties. Like a muscle, they need exercise to stay in shape and retain their function.

Keeping Mind Sharp – New Tricks

There is an unfounded belief that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks – that the mind cannot change past a certain age – has been categorically disproven.

Our brains continue to make new connections every time we do something. For instance, each time we remember things it reinforces those memories. When we learn a new skill, our brain makes brand new connections.

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Typical strategies to exercise the brain include complicated games like chess, cribbage, or even checkers. Bridge is popular too, but more and more people are turning to electronic applications on smartphones or tablets (easier to see).

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Language is a Great Choice

Keeping Mind Sharp – The latest successful strategy for mind maintenance is learning a new language. There are many programs available for learning a new 50 language, both free and paid. Even if you are in a retirement facility, there is bound to be someone there that speaks Mandarin, French, Greek, Italian, Hindi, Punjabi, or something you do not know.

Get them to teach you! If you know another language, offer to teach it to someone else. Teaching or learning something new keeps your brain young and your memory sharp.

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Keeping Mind Sharp – Practice every day: Interact with people; play complex games; learn a new language; do the crosswords, listen to music; learn to play a musical instrument, go visit old friends.

Try taking a cooking class, or perhaps learn to paint or sculpt. Everything you recall strengthens your memory; every new activity builds new connections in your brain. The more you repeat something, the stronger it becomes in your mind.

Do not sit passively in front of the TV; go to the mall and wander around looking at shops, or join a mall-walkers club for exercise several times per week. Indoors It is safe and visually stimulating.
Do not just sit there and vegetate, DO something! It just might be fun!