Brain Healthy Foods That Include Wine Combating Degenerative Brain Disease

As a caregiver, I am always looking for tips and tricks (always working smarter).

As I did some research, I found that wine is on the List of Brain healthy foods; right away I was interested!

Brain Healthy Foods

The list of brain healthy foods is from the “mind diet” as seen on CBS NEWS. Studies show that these foods reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease by 53%. It also shows what foods to avoid.

If beans are not a part of your diet now, they should be. Also, did you know that Blueberries are the most potent berry?

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Also, one should have green leafy vegetables, nuts, other berries, whole grains, and fish at least once a week while you should have poultry two times a week.

Olive oil as a primary oil offers extra great protection against cognitive decline. We all know that what we eat can affect heart health. The same goes for recommendations in the diet.

Even if followed moderately, one can improve their health.

Good nutrition may not slow the progression of Dementia; However, continue a healthful diet will promote overall health and improve one’s ability to cop and contribute to a much higher quality of life.

This study is for real, people. Now get up, get some beans and blueberries, and add them to your regular menu now!

Plus, brain foods rich in antioxidants, good fats, vitamins and minerals provide energy and aid in protecting against brain diseases. So when we focus on giving our bodies whole, nutritious foods benefiting both the gut and the brain, we’re actually benefiting our minds and bodies while keeping them both in tip-top shape.

Of course, some foods are better for your brain than others. I’ve rounded up 15 brain foods you should be eating to feed both your mind and body. With a mix of fruits, veggies, oils and even chocolate (yes, chocolate!), there’s something to please everyone!