As a caregiver, you are in charge of your loved one's environment. To a degree, this is the most important aspect of the care one can provide.

What if caring for your elderly parent can be stress free, easy to do and doesn't take much of your time?

Whether you are the caregiver or overseeing the care management in some fashion -- the charity of giving can be pure joy. Isn’t it your turn to give back?

Finding the right choices for caregiving, whether home care or institution. Making the right decision when dealing with elderly. Seeking help and assistance in the earlier stages of need makes the transition much smoother.

Inside you’ll learn:

  1. How to decide if caring at home or facility is better for you financially, emotionally and ethically?
  2. How you can make use of creative therapies for people with alzheimer's and dementia?
  3. How you can protect elderly from getting robbed by their caregivers of money, valuables, their well-being, even real estate?