What You Need to Know When The Need Arises
In Caring For Elderly Loved Ones
Your One Stop Resource With Simple Tips Many Don't Know ... Caring For The Elderly Is So Much Easier
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Just A Few of The Topics Of This Nearly 60 Page Ebook  ...
⚫ When it's time to select a Caregiver

⚫ Selecting the right care environment, home vs. institution

⚫ How stretching and Yoga keeps them young

⚫ Alzheimer's and Dementia -Your action plan

⚫ 4 little known Dementia therapies that improve Elder relationships

⚫ Why Medicare is the best thing since sliced bread, your resources

⚫ How keeping the mind sharp is bringing the sexy back

⚫ 11 reasons why Social Security is sweeter than Christmas morning

⚫ Caregiver Management - 7 points family members must know

⚫ Making sure the Caregiver makes that Emotional Connection

⚫ Quicklinks at your fingertips to connect to valuable resources
Check Out What Others Are Already Saying About The Ebook!
H. Stewart, Nurses Aide writes: "Since I have been the caretaker of my elderly parents, I am glad to know there are resources out there that will help me in and during their aging process, thanks to "Elderly Care Solutions". 

G. Madariaga, Real Estate Broker writes: "A well-written and delightful insight into the aging world. My mom has Alzheimer's, and I wish I had read a book like this to help me understand the process and what to expect. I especially liked the chapter about music. It could not have been more on point.

Music is the only thing that to this day brings a smile to my moms face even though she has no idea of who she is or who we are. I strongly recommend reading this book if you have an aging parent.... that many of us do."

 K. Davis, Office Manager writes: "So much information in this book, this is the yellow pages for elderly information."

R. Dickerson, Movie and TV Director writes: This book is an easy read, personable, full of valuable information that anyone can use.

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